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Having all of the ARRL / RAC section abbreviations memorized is critical to ensure the accuracy and timely entry of QSOs in your log during Field Day and other contests. An experienced operator should be able to enter every single abbreviation correctly, within 2 seconds. Personally I consistantly score 99% out of 1000 rounds.

Section names are displayed in the top most field. Type in the corrosponding abbreviation in the white text box and press enter (or click "Check Answer") to see if you're correct. The correct abbreviation is displayed in the next field, and below that is an indicator of whether you got it right or wrong. Click "Clear Stats" to start over.

This program is written in Javascript and is embedded in this HTML file. You can save this file to your local disk drive for later and or offline use. Simply open the saved file in your web browser to sharpen your sections skills.

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